Mobile Food Business Development

Why Own a Mobile Food Business?

The mobile food business is forever growing and in demand with more consumers preferring to eat out and try new and exciting foods on the go. In a 2017 household spending survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it shows the average Australian spends $80 a week dining out, up by nearly a third on the $63 spent in the 2009-10 ­financial year.

Social researcher Ashley Fell, from McCrindle Research, said many people in their 20s had delayed marriage and buying homes. This meant they had more disposable incomes to eat out. She also said the growth in food courts, cafes and restaurants in new shopping centres — all offering a vast smorgasbord of culturally diverse food — also contributed. Food delivery company Deliveroo said it had recorded 20 per cent month on month growth.

Having a mobile food business can enormously reap regards for the smart business owner who is after smaller set ups and, lower overheads and the potential for unlimited traffic in comparison to traditional brick and mortar food establishments that come with hefty shop fitting costs, skyrocketing leases and a very limited foot traffic count not to mention the fear of having another similar food establishment set up in the same street or suburb that’ll reduce your traffic even further.

Why is a Mobile Food Business so Profitable?

In a 2016 Food Truck Study conducted by Woolcott research for the City of Sydney, it was shown that mobile food business operators earned an average turnover of $255,000 per year across the board with a typical starting turnover of $142,000 in the first year of operation with income starting in almost the first few days of operation. These figures are excellent and not to mention very sustainable.

With minimal running costs coupled with the right niche business idea, the right support and creative marketing, you’ll certainly be making some very decent dollars from day one. Without the right setup, business idea or marketing, a typical mobile food business will certainly suffer and become very costly. The typical average cost of setting up a mobile food business i.e. truck, trailer, equipment, packaging and stock is over $140,000 and this is without any marketing or training. This is one of the most common factors that make mobile food operations seem very out of reach for many.

The Readystart Food Business Advantage

For the first time our agency have now invested immense time and dollars into developing an entirely turnkey solution to you successfully operating and profiting from their very own mobile food business with fast selling food products along with huge support. Our development team will not only research the most profitable selling food products, but research catchy business names, domain names, design your food vehicle, menus and promotional material.

At Readystart Food Solutions, we sell and develop complete turnkey mobile food businesses that include industry research for the food type being offered, registered and compliant commercial vehicle complete with air conditioning, lighting, commercial equipment, branding and designing, online website and in-vehicle ordering systems, CCTV security, GPS tracking and social media development.

In addition to all these inclusions we also provide over 12 months of business support, account setup multiple social media platforms, online marketing contacts including a ‘Business Event Finder’ service where our marketing team source over 2000 markets, fairs and events running weekly for you in your area to attend and provide you with registration details.

What to Expect in our Mobile Food Business Opportunities

There is an extensive amount of work and an impressive list of inclusions in our turnkey mobile food business opportunities whether it be listed for sale or a newly developed
business. The process will be completely handled by our team every step of the way.

Some of the inclusions contained in our mobile food business opportunities include some of the following:

Business Inclusions

  • Food product and Industry research
  • Competitor & niche level research
  • Business consumable & disposable product supplier sourcing.
  • Professional online ordering website development
  • Food Menu Design
  • Hosting set up and transfer
  • Business name creation
  • Website domain creation
  • Colour scheme development
  • Professional Logo Design
  • Website theme development
  • Web graphic sketch and creation
  • Website content preparation
  • Product range website upload
  • Product description writing
  • Online Credit Card System
  • Payment and Shipping configuration
  • Facebook business page account setup
  • Instagram account setup
  • Youtube Channel Set up
  • Google directory submission
  • 2 Months of SEO Work
  • Mailchimp marketing account setup
  • 12 Months of Business support

Food Trailer Inclusions

  • Architecturally Designed Floorplan
  • Custom Designed Dual Insulated Chassis
  • Complete Commercial Grade Kitchen
  • Commercial Food Preparation Equipment
  • Small Appliance Equipment i.e. Microwave, Mixer
  • Commercial 2 Station Coffee Machine
  • High Powered In-Ceiling Air-Conditioning System
  • Custom Made Steel Shelving
  • Commercial Under-bench Refrigeration System.
  • Upright Commercial Display Beverage Fridge
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Service Window
  • Dual / Tri Basin Washing / Cleanup Area
  • Entry and Exit Safety Signs
  • Safety Compliant Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
  • CCTV Wireless Surveillance Camera System
  • On-board GPS Tracking Device
  • Outdoor Menu Lightbox
  • Complete Full Colour Vinyl Wrapping

If purchasing a ready to trade mobile food business opportunity already for sale then you can get started almost immediately, however if your after a custom food business, the entire development process can take up to 4 – 8 weeks depending on the requirements of the food business and any extra extra inclusions chosen or whether there are any delays during a particular process.

Our team will be able to develop your entire online business on autopilot where we go through all the above processes and provide you with progress updates.

This development process also involves us selecting a very unique growth product/s for you, domain name selection, theme, colours and content.

As a client you are always welcome to input and liaise with the team at any stage of the development.

Need to Know More?

If you have any questions regarding our business packages, please do not hesitate to contact us.