What We Do

What We Do

At Online Wealth Business Agents we are certainly not your average business agents. While most business agents deal primarily with selling businesses that are traditional in nature, our agency offers a unique range of skill and services  assist you in purchasing, developing and researching online business to help you achieve a solid and long term income whether it be for a full time or part time basis.

Whether you are looking for a new challenge, want to stay at home more with the family, make a supplementary income, recently suffered a little bad luck and cannot return back to work or want to start up a business yet unsure what to sell or where to source products? We are maybe your best option in helping you move ahead and achieve your business and income goals.


Here are some of the services our agency provides:


Creative Business Consultancy – We all have different reasons for wanting to buy, sell or develop a business that can not only take care of ourselves and family, but provide us the freedom of working on the days and at the times we dictate and to spend as much time as we would like with our loved ones.

Understanding the importance of individual needs is crucial and we ensure that at every stage of our consultation, we provide you with the best possible solution for your  business needs given your current situation, time-frame and budget.

We also understand and appreciate that we don’t always know where to start or what the best decision to take is. Whether it’s to purchase a 500k+ cafe that was listed or wanting to limit debts and / or want more freedom by investing a little in developing or buying a ready made online based business, we can certainly assist you in making such a decision.


Business Sales & Listings – Our agency is licensed to not only sell your business but we also have incredibly cost-effective listing packages that can be purchased online and expose your business to potentially over 100,000 business seekers monthly.

Unlike other business agents, we don’t simply ‘list’ your business but run an initial due diligence stage prior to listing that checks your content, graphics / images and sales price and if we can enhance your listing in any way, our agents will do so FREE of charge.


Business Development – Whether you have an existing business or in a job and your thinking of starting an online venture that can provide more income yet unsure of what product or service to offer or even what supplier to use, we work with all our clients to develop and build real and successful online businesses that can provide solid and consistent returns that you can control.

We take on your business project completely and wholeheartedly so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your project will be taken care of.

We initial start off with a consultation and then move into a business plan where we outline potential business pathways to start with in line with your budget and time frame. Thereafter we employ the services of our own web developers, graphic designers and product researchers to source and negotiate the most reliable products.


Business Research Reports – One of the most unique and popular products our agency provides that no other agency offers are our business research reports or due diligence reports. Whenever you purchase a home most purchasers will need a lawyer to order a building inspection and then run a series of reports that show that the vendor (seller) is doing everything correctly so that you wont be left in a bad situation.

Due Diligence is also vital when you purchase a business and need to find out aspects such as income returns, current debts, leases and assets. However when it comes to wanting to start your own online business where do you turn to? How do you know if that supplier is legitimate or if that product has a high level of competition? How do you even know if the product is in demand?

Answering these questions we developed a series of due diligence reports that can be purchased online before spending dollars in purchasing a business. It could save you thousands in the long run and lot’s of heartache as we have seen in a few clients who went in and purchased container loads of stock blindly and ‘assumed’ the products would sell well!

Why not give us a call today and have a free chat about your requirements, situation and needs. We’d love to chat and best of all it’s completely Free so no harm in contacting us today.

We are 99% sure that we’ll be able to provide you with a solution that works and one that is very affordable to certainly enhance your current financial and situation and lifestyle.